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JuicyBlend portable blender benefits and features. Portable, healthy, fast, convenient, powerful, safe, easy. Makes great smoothies, protein shakes, juices and more. Green, purple, pink, and light blue portable blenders with cups and bases shown.
JuicyBlend purple portable blender shown with circular lifestyle images for fruit juices, vegetable juices, supplements and protein drinks, jams and fruit spreads.


JuicyBlend green portable blender with included accessories. Includes small and large blender/carrier cups, rechargeable blender motor base, USB cable, cleaner sponge, strainer, and user manual.


JuicyBlend light blue portable blender with specs. Base &  large cup weighs one pound, stainless steel blades, power of 150 Watts, large 500ML travel cup with lid is 10 inches high, small 300ML cup with base is 7.5 inches high, blender is 3.5 inches wide.


Lightweight and durable for blending anywhere, anytime.


Blends fruits and vegetables, small ice cubes, beans and more in 20 seconds.


Lasts up to 20 blends per full charge. Waterproof silicon charging plug.


Just add water, soap and blend. Rinse and you are set to go!

Customer Testimonials

JuicyBlend has been an answer to my prayers! JuicyBlend is compact, convenient, and easy to use. You can recharge it with your I-Phone, your laptop, the USB in your car, and so on. This means that you can take it on road trips, pack it in your suitcase when traveling, and even take it to the office or gym. JuicyBlend definitely supports my healthy lifestyle! I also like that JuicyBlend has six blades with 3 curved downward, improving its capacity to chop foods finely AND making it less likely that food pieces get stuck underneath the blades. I love using my JuicyBlend to make my acai bowls, my delicious chocolate keto smoothies, and my green smoothies! Oh, and I do like that my JuicyBlend is my favorite color--pink! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for my JuicyBlend!

Athena Sol - Florida