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Here are the Specifications for your JuicyBlend One. See User Guide and Important Safety Information below.

JuicyBlend light blue portable blender with specs. Base &  large cup weighs one pound, stainless steel blades, power of 150 Watts, large 500ML travel cup with lid is 10 inches high, small 300ML cup with base is 7.5 inches high, blender is 3.5 inches wide.


  1. Charge with included USB cable until all four indicator lights are on.

  2. Make sure the arrow on the cup is aligned with the power switch. Blender will beep twice and indicator lights will flash when cup is aligned.

  3. Clean your JuicyBlend prior to your first use: add water, drop of soap, blend and rinse.

  4. Fill cup to about 60% with solids and then add liquid until cup is about 80% full. Do not overfill.

  5. Turn base upside down and tighten the base to the cup making sure arrow on cup is aligned with power switch(see step 2). Then turn blender right side up so base is on the bottom and double click the power button to blend for one 20 second cycle. Please note that bottom of large cup can be used as a removable lid when attached to the base of blender--you can add additional ingredients if needed--make sure to tighten lid securely before blending.

  6. When blending is finished, click power button once to turn blender off, turn blender upside down and unscrew the base from the cup. Enjoy your blended creation and remember to repeat step 3 after each use.


Always clean your JuicyBlend immediately after each use to prevent food from drying and sticking to the blades. NEVER immerse base in water or other liquids as this will damage the base element.  DO NOT put your JuicyBlend-including the base, cups, and lids-in the dishwasher. DO NOT wash with steel ball, abrasive cleanser, or corrosive cleanser.

Fill the cup about 2/3 full with warm (not hot) water, add a drop of dish soap and blend for one full cycle until your JuicyBlend stops automatically. Pour soapy liquid out and rinse with clean water by filling cup 2/3 full with clean water and blend for one full cycle.


  • DO operate your JuicyBlend with lid securely screwed on.

  • DO use only high-quality USB chargers and USB-C cables.

  • DO take care when handling the base of the blender without the cup attached. Your JuicyBlend comes with a Safety Magnetic Induction Smart Switch which will only allow your blender to run when cup is aligned properly with base. Magnetic objects can fool the base into thinking that the cup is attached and allow the blades to spin.

  • DO NOT let children use JuicyBlend unattended. Adult supervision is necessary at all times.

  • DO NOT put your hands inside your JuicyBlend or anywhere near the blades.

  • DO NOT put your JuicyBlend in a microwave oven, dishwasher, or freezer.

  • DO NOT use hot liquids over 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). This can cause damage to cups and base, including leaks.

  • DO NOT put anything carbonated in your JuicyBlend. This may cause pressure build up in the cup and can result in a mess, damage to the blender or possible injury.

  • DO NOT let food sit in your JuicyBlend for prolonged periods. Sugar in fruits and vegetables can ferment and build pressure, causing the lid to pop off or the cup to burst.

  • DO NOT run your JuicyBlend while it is empty as this can damage the blender.

  • DO NOT immerse the charging cable in water or other liquids to avoid risk of electric shock.

  • DO NOT allow the charging cable to touch hot surfaces.

  • DO NOT charge your JuicyBlend if it is wet.


 Problem Analysis Solution
Indicator light is off, unable to start Battery is low Charge blender
Indicator light flicker, unable to start The cup body is not tightened to the base Tighten the body and base, magnet is aligned with switch
Stop working, indicator flicker No food at cup body Add the food at cup body
Stop working, indicator flicker Food is too thick or volume too big, motor overload protection Add some liquid or make the food to smaller size, restart blender
Water leaking The sealing ring is not installed properly Re-install the sealing ring